Ken Beardsley

Ken attributes his customer service skill to his ability to listen to his customers.
By listening, he believes he is able to better understand the needs they have, and this
ultimately lets him provide solutions that will serve those needs. He views this as one of the pillars of Envoy Logistic’s success.

He has deep experience in the logistics field as he has worked for both regional and national LTL carriers.
It is his knowledge of transportation processes and policies he enjoys tapping to help his customers grow in their day-to-day activities.

Product Launch

Ken was part of the Proctor and Gamble team that launched Swiffer Dry and Wet products

Outdoor Man
Ken enjoys multiple outdoor activities including golf, fishing, hunting camping and trips to his cabin in Northern Wisconsin

Packer Fan
As Ken is from Green Bay, he bleeds green and gold, and his favorite player is Clay Mathews